Funny Woman Season 1 Episode 5

Language Country United Kingdom
Year 2023
Category Series
Genre Comedy
Rating 7.4 From 10       1,362 Vote
Duration47 min
Quality BluRay     

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Genuinely a lovely bio-pic of so many girls from "up-North" who tried to escape the dull drudgery of 1960's Britain in hope of fun and Bright Lights in London. Characters are well drawn, and easy to identify with, ruthless executives who control light-entertainment without a hint of comedy! Some genuinely funny lines, and physical comedy moments. As a writer myself, I understand what challenges they faced in the 60's and early 70's with Mary White house's moral crusade to clean up TV. She must be spinning in her grave with what we see on our screens today? Laugh and cry in equal measure as we follow the Blackpool beauty Queen on her journey, with pitfalls and excitement along the way. Having worked in Oxford Street in the 1980's nothing had changed in the canteens from the 60's, still very recognisable! Lots of nice original footage interlinked with the main character galavanting through London. I watched it back to back on Catch-up, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Written by canterburyghosttour

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